International Calling to Obridge Academy


Need to reach Obridge Academy from another country? Call us at 516-864-4589 this is a direct line and does not require a toll-free USA only number. Our students come from many different countries. A global student can get an American education from anywhere on the planet. International students are welcome. You can also reach us by email - info@obridgeacademy.com

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Three Ways To Help Your Teen Get The Most Out Of Their Summer


It doesn't matter if your teen is taking online high school courses or if they go to a traditional school, almost every teen views summertime as a time to relax and forget about school work.  There's nothing wrong with you busy teen taking some time to unwind after a long school year.  After nine months of meeting deadlines, doing homework, and balancing their school and social lives, they're ready to spend their summer doing as little as possible. Your teen is going to want to relax, and as a parent it's your duty to make sure that they get more out ......

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Tech Tip: Plug-ins


Tech Tip: Plug-ins and Playing Windows Media - Mac or PC, Windows XP, Win7, Win8 etc Isn't it confusing to try to figure out how to play different media items across multiple machines and in different web browsers and in different operating systems? To summarize, here are a few software applications that you might need: On a Mac? You will want to install: 1. Adobe Flash Player 2. Adobe Shockwave Player 3. Flip4Mac 4. Real Audio Player (Having trouble with Real Player? Use VLC instead. More help here.) On Windows? You will want to install: 1. Adobe Flash Player 2. Adobe Shockwave ......

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Three Major Benefits of Online K-12 Education


The institution of education is changing rapidly in the 21st century, and now there are school districts, educators, and parents who are looking for the best way to educate their children. Enrolling your child in an online middle school, elementary school, or high school can do a lot to enrich their education. The advancement of communications technologies and the proliferation of the internet have given children and teachers tools that can improve the individual learning experience. There are a variety of benefits that come with giving your child an online education, but there are a few that seem to make the biggest impression on people.

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All Students Move to new LMS November 1


We would like to give you advance notice of a new version of the Learning Management System, called iStudy 2013 which will be delivered to all Obridge Academy students the first weekend in November (Nov. 2,3) When you login to your learning management system on November 3rd, you will use a new version, located at:http://edu.obridgeacademy.com Your grades and data will have been moved over to the new system that weekend (Not before then!). The system will be down for the conversion from Friday November 1 at 5pm to Monday morning at 8am (all times Eastern). You can get a sneak peek at the ......

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Why Accreditation Matters


Accreditation is a quality standard that is granted by an independent third party organization. It is a "good housekeeping seal of approval" that is given to schools and it verifies that the school has a quality system in place and complies with best practices in education. Like any other private school, Obridge Academy demonstrates by being accredited that our curriculum, processes, teachers, digital resources and systems are of the highest quality and meet the requirements of an online school with the most rigorous standards. Accreditation is granted to Obridge Academy from AdvancED, one of the nation's largest regional accrediting bodies. The ......

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Social Media


Find us on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus (a special Community has been set up just for parents and students). We are also on Pinterest and YouTube. Check out the YouTube Playlists that can help you learn about our online education and learning management systems.

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Three Signs That Your Teen Needs Tutoring


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.-Benjamin Franklin When you’re a parent making schooling decisions for your teenager can be difficult.  Maybe you’re interested in having your child take high school classes online, or perhaps you concerned about their career path after high school.  Either way some parents can feel like they’re constantly walking a fine line between over parenting their child or not giving them enough parenting.  A lot of parents struggle with deciding on whether or not their teens are in need of tutoring.  Most parents assume that failing grades are in indicator of needing to ......

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Choosing The Right Online High School


Educational standards are in a state of change in the United States, and both parents and educators are looking for a way to efficiently educate the future leaders of tomorrow.  American school children used to be at ahead of students in other countries, but over the past few decades we've been slowly falling behind other nations.  People are particularly concerned about getting teens a good high school education so that they're adequately prepared for adulthood. Today it's possible for your teen to get their high school diploma online, and online schooling has an array of educational benefits.  Since online k-12 schooling ......

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