A Refuge from School Violence


As the stories of school violence continue, we share the devastation others must feel when children are harmed for senseless reasons. As school violence continues, studying online is a welcome refuge from a physical and often dangerous school setting. Parents who homeschool their children have always known this, and being able to control the environment for education is key to safety. From the days when children worked the farm and studied by the fireplace, a close connection to family and home is a safe and stimulating environment to encourage learning, discovery and self-fulfillment. For many parents, school safety is a concern ......

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Obridge Academy Guidance Sessions


Obridge Academy Guidance Sessions 7-9 p.m. EST on December 9 Obridge is beginning monthly online guidance sessions to assist you with planning your life after high school. Ms. Kemberli Mayo, a certified school counselor, will be online to answer your questions, give advice and provide resources once a month. You can join in the conversation or submit questions viagra in stores via email. Please join Ms. Mayo for an informative session that can have positive results for your future!!

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