Improvements and Updates at Obridge Academy


At Obridge Academy, we are constantly thinking of ways to improve instruction and resultant student learning. A significant part of improving learning and the overall educational experience is the Learning Management System (LMS). An LMS is the system that allows online learning to take place. Until now, Obridge students have been using the iStudy, or the eLearning LMS. Beginning at the end of this school year we will be using Blackboard as our LMS. Blackboard is recognized throughout the educational world as the best LMS; it is used all over the world in colleges, learning centers and schools, both for dedicated ......

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Q&A With Obridge Academy Head of School


Each Wednesday at 11am Obridge Academy's Head of School conducts a Q&A with new and existing students to provide an orientation and answer questions. Join us each week to meet a new student or connect with fellow students. The meeting is open to all existing students, parents, and teachers.  If you are part of the Obridge Academy family, join us at this time!  

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Google Community for Students & Parents


Join our online Google Community for parents and students here: This community offers a place for you and your family to participate in online learning interaction with other students from Obridge Academy. Stay tuned, more information will be posted to this site as more people participate.

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